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Jim Swauger

Partner/Computer Forensic Specialist

Phone: 866-246-2794  x703

Fax: 513-282-4005

Email: jswauger@binaryintel.com


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Professional Abstract

Mr. Swauger specializes in computer forensics, electronic discovery and employee relations investigations. A court-recognized expert and licensed professional investigator, he has over twelve years experience serving both private industry and law enforcement. He regularly collects and analyzes computer evidence relating to various civil, domestic, regulatory and employment related issues. He also assists clients with electronic discovery matters such as the identification, collection, processing and production of electronically stored information. His clients include attorneys, businesses, individuals, and other investigators.

Before joining Binary Intelligence in a full-time capacity, Mr. Swauger was employed by a national top ten financial holdings company as the corporate lead technical security investigator. In this role he directed corporate efforts in the areas of computer forensics, investigations, incident response and eDiscovery. Previous to this, he served as the senior Computer Forensic Specialist for the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, a division of the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. Here he was instrumental in the establishment and continuing success of the state Computer Crime Unit.

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Areas of Expertise

Computer Forensics – Digital Evidence Acquisition, Forensic Data Recovery, Keyword and File Signature Searching, Chat Analysis, Email Analysis, Metadata Analysis, Internet History Reconstruction, Data and Password Recovery, Timeline Analysis, Event Reconstruction, Volatile Data Analysis, Network-Based Evidence Collection, Cell Phone and Mobile Device Forensics, Live Host Analysis, Picture and Video Review

High-Tech Investigations – Employee and Executive Misconduct, Computer Incident Response, Corporate Espionage (Intellectual Property Theft), Workplace Harassment and Discrimination, Piracy, Embezzlement, Fraud, Employment and Contractual Disputes, Theft, Unauthorized Use/Hacking, Missing Persons, Infidelity, Divorce, Custody, Regulatory Compliance, Privacy Breach, Internal Threat, Gambling, Pornography, Inappropriate Material

Electronic Discovery – Identification and Collection of Electronically Stored Information (ESI), ESI Processing and Analysis, Data De-Duplication, Litigation Hold Management, Email Conversion, ESI Production

Insider Threat Management – Log File Analysis, Extrusion Detection, Network Surveillance, Covert Monitoring, Network Traffic Threat Assessment, Rogue Device Detection, Wireless Audits

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Certifications & Licensure

CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security Professional

EnCE – Encase Certified Examiner

CFCE – Certified Forensic Computer Examiner

CEECS – Certified Electronic Evidence Collection Specialist

DFCP – Digital Forensics Certified Practitioner

CIFI – Certified Information Forensics Investigator

SCERS – Seized Computer Evidence Recovery Specialist

A+ and Net+ Certifications

LPI – Licensed Private Investigator, Ohio License No. 2003005424

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B.B.A. in Information Systems, University of Cincinnati College of Business Administration, 1995

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Professional Affiliations

IACIS – International Association of Computer Forensic Specialists

ASDFED – American Society of Digital Forensics and eDiscovery

(ISC)2 – International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium

IISFA – International Information Systems Forensics Association

ISSA – Information Systems Security Association

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Ohio High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA) Hall of Fame Award, 2002