Computer Harassment

Computer and internet harassment can come in all types of forms. It can even tie into social media abuse. If you are receiving emails from someone that contain content of threats, inappropriate messages or sexual in nature you need to contact a professional to determine where these message are coming from and who is sending them. This can be very difficult to trace and utilizing the right partner is very important to obtain the identity of the person harassing you via the computer.

Social media should be a source of joy and an open venue for communication with friends and loved ones. When invited strangers or unidentified individuals start commenting, “liking”, “poking”, or sharing your personal information on these social media sites it can become obstructive to your everyday life. If these people cross the line it can damage relationships with friends, family, and even cause you to lose your job. If you are being harassed online by someone you know or do not know utilize the professional internet investigators to help put a stop to it.

Bullying between kids has expanded. It has expanded into the digital world. Bullying, teasing, and hurtful comments are being posted all over Facebook, Twitter, and online forums. The messages can cause your child to become depressed and, in extreme cases, consider suicide. Involving the school is very important and should be one of the first steps you take, but it can be time consuming and lead to more bullying from other kids. The schools sometimes have their hands tied and law enforcement cannot help until a criminal act has occurred. As soon as you become aware of any cyber bullying speak with your child about the situation and involve a private computer investigator to help put a stop to it.

In extreme cases, Binary Intelligence has been involved with cases where a child’s online identity was stolen. In these cases fake social media web pages were set up to disrupt this child’s everyday life. Threats and inappropriate comments were being made on a regular basis. Once Binary Intelligence was involved the identity of these bullies were discovered and the information was handed over to the local police.

Do not feel stuck. If you feel that the online harassment has gone far enough take the steps to stop it in its tracks.

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