Is My Spouse Cheating?

Infidelity can be a painful and overwhelming experience that can bring about feelings of fear, embarrassment, and a crippling feeling of betrayal. Even the suspicion of a spouse cheating can be disruptive to your everyday life. Our professionals understand these struggles and make sure that confidentiality and sensitivity is a part of the entire process. When you need the proof of sexting, erotic pictures, or dates and times of the infidelity we can obtain these items from your spouse’s cell phone, tablet PC, or computer. Information regarding this infidelity can be found on other devices like GPS systems, tablet readers, iPods and external storage devices.

When a partner makes the decision to cheat on their spouse they will do everything they can to hide the communication between them and the person they are cheating on you with.  Communication between your spouse and the cheating party is commonly done through a mobile phone or internet communication. Although efforts are made to delete calls, messages and pictures the advancements in technology provide computer forensic examiners the ability to recover these items.

Our services can assist you in:
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  • Determining if your spouse is cheating
  • Determining if your spouse is having an emotional affair
  • Information for Child Custody disputes
  • Finding hidden assets when filing for divorce
  • Proving a spouse is an unfit parent
  • Determining how long the affair has been going on


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Your spouse could be using dozens of different communication mediums to connect with their other partner. Here is some of the most popular ways to cheat:
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  • The cheating spouse may use a mobile phone to send sexual messages or sexual pictures to their other partner.
  • The cheating spouse may use programs such as Skype to have inappropriate video conversations with their other partner.
  • The cheating spouse may utilize social media to communicate with other partners. Finding these social media profiles can be difficult when certain privacy settings are in place.
  • The cheating spouse may use email to send and receive messages and inappropriate images.
  • The cheating spouse may use instant messaging systems like AIM, Yahoo messenger, MSN chat, or Google chat to have inappropriate conversations with their other partner.
  • Have there been uncommon visits to Craigslist or online dating sites?

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The options for your partner to cheat using technology are endless. The ways private investigations are done within the domestic realm have changed. Chasing down your partner everywhere they go is a waste of money and time. All of that information is available on their computer or cell phone if you know who to call to obtain it.

Signs to look for that indicate that your spouse or partner is cheating on you:

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  • Sudden increase in time away from home
  • Decreased sexual interest with you
  • Do they seem distracted and day dream?
  • Are they unavailable at work or while they are “out”?
  • Calls not returned in a normal time frame?
  • Do they take calls in different rooms or decline calls when you are near?
  • They use the computer alone
  • Are they more interested in your schedule than usual?
  • Do they do their own laundry and do it alone?
  • Weird charges on your account?
  • Carrying more cash than normal?
  • New names added to their cell phone? Often they save the name differently but recognizable to them.
  • Do they have a newer email address?
  • Do they clear their SMS or email messages after reading?
  • Have you noticed a extra phone in your partners possession? Prepaid phones are popular for hiding activities that are inappropriate.



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