JTAG & Chip-Off Forensics

In addition to conventional forensic analysis and evidence collection services, our laboratory preforms hundreds of advanced JTAG and chip-off data extractions annually. Recognized as a global leader in advanced mobile device forensics, we are available to support law enforcement and government investigations, civil litigation, corporate matters and private domestic issues.

Our advanced full physical extraction techniques allow us to collect all data from devices when conventional forensic methods fail or are insufficient. Our lab is engaged to perform multiple JTAG and Chip-Off forensic examinations each week, in the majority of cases the exhibit device:

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  • is unsupported or only partially supported (logical or file-system only) by commercial forensic equipment and software
  • is secured with a password or pattern lock
  • has a disabled/locked data port (common with prepaid providers such as TracFone & StraighTalk) or completely lacks a data connection.
  • is damaged physically (by water/liquid, fire, trauma, etc.) or logically “bricked” (by software malfunction, data corruption, failed update, etc.)
  • must be preserved in its exact state so the device cannot be powered for conventional extractions (booting the device for a live acquisition changes data and file-system access dates)


Besides the forensic testing of evidence devices, our examiners perform continuous research and development in order to improve data extraction and analysis techniques. Because of this, JTAG and chip-off exams are no longer limited to high-dollar/high-profile cases; these advanced procedures can now feasible and cost-effective for almost any situation.


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